How to Catch Freshwater Mullet

How to Catch Freshwater Mullet

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Mullet are fish that live in warm waters throughout the world. They prefer shallow waters, and do not limit themselves to sea water, as they are also common to freshwater. They are an oily fish with a strong flavor when cooked, and their roe is considered a delicacy. While mullet can be caught with either a pole or a net, the net is easier. Mullet seem to know when they are about to be hooked and will quickly abandon bait. They are famous for mouthing bait without ever biting it.

Items you will need

  • Fishing cast net, 14 feet or smaller in diameter with a 1-inch or smaller mesh

  • Bamboo rod and reel

  • Bread

Cast Net Fishing

Practice casting the fishing net. That way, when it comes time to haul in the fish, you will be able to. Casting a net is one of those thing that seems easy until you have to do it, but practice can solve that issue. Find the casting method that works best for you. You can try to toss it out like a softball or throw it more like a frisbee. Watch to see how the net lands. If it spreads out, that is the method you need to use to catch fish.

Tear up the bread into small pieces. This is what you will use to chum the water to attract a group of mullet. If the bread is torn up ahead of time, you will spend more time actually fishing.

Spread some of the torn up bread on the water. Watch for it to start bobbing and bouncing. Add more bread as necessary to attract a few fish at a time. Mullet like to bite at the bait to see if there are hooks hidden in it.

Cast out the net and gather as many mullet as you can. Repeat until you have the desired amount of fish.

Bamboo Rod and Reel

Set up your line with a cork and a hook. The cork acts like a regular bobber, but looks and bounces more like bread to the mullet. Load the hook with bread, as well.

Chum the water with bread, as if you were using the cast net method. This will attract a larger number of fish, thereby increasing your chances of catching a fish.

Watch your cork carefully, and keep your hands on the rod while fishing. Motion travels well in a bamboo rod, so you will be able to feel when the fish is starting to nibble. Feel for the difference between nibbling and eating, when the fish is actually eating the bait, gently jerk the line and snag the fish.


  • Before using a net, check local regulations to ensure net fishing is legal in your area and confirm mullet are on the allowable species list.
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