The Best Rigs for White Perch

The Best Rigs for White Perch

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White perch typically weigh anywhere from half a pound to two pounds. Incredibly willing biters, white perch put up an invigorating fight for their size. They are also quite abundant, making it relatively easy to catch them. Novice and expert fishermen alike catch white perch not simply for their excitement, but also for their taste. Because many external conditions such as air pressure and temperature can change white perch's feeding habits, it's helpful to know how to create some of the different rigs known for catching white perch


When fishing for relatively small fish like white perch, use smaller hooks like a size 5 or size 6. White perch are not big enough or strong enough to bend even small hooks like these. The small hook affords you the most hooking potential because it is difficult for the white perch to nibble on the bait without hooking themselves. If you use a hook that is too big, on the other hand, the perch can eat the bait without getting hooked.


White perch love worms. Fishermen have caught white perch and other bream fish with worms more than any other bait. Meal worms, wax worms and night-crawlers are all reliable types of worms to use. Night-crawlers are advantageous because you can split the worm into several pieces of bait without killing it. In fact, you can and should successfully catch white perch by baiting a night-crawler or other worm that is only about an inch in length. Using as little of the worm as possible is a good practice because it prevents the white perch from nibbling your bait around the hook.

Rooster Tail

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Rooster tails are reliable artificial baits for white perch. Rooster tails come in various sizes and colors, but chartreuse and white are productive. Make sure to select a rooster tail that is no more than 1/8 ounce, or it will be too big for white perch. Rigging one up is simple. Simply tie a Palomar knot through the loop on the rooster tail, add a sinker or two, cast your line, slowly reel in the rooster tail and repeat until you catch a white perch.


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Minnows are arguably the second favorite meal of white perch. Minnows are easy to find in streams, lakes and rivers, but not easy to catch unless you trap them. Your local bait shop will almost always carry minnows. Use a bobber or slip-bobber when you fish with minnows so you can detect bites. To properly hook a minnow, simply hook the minnow through the bottom and top lip between the eyes and the edge of the lip. This will ensure he is secure on the hook and prevent a runaway minnow.

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