How to Hold in Pee When One Can't Use the Bathroom

There are times when we have to pee and there is not a bathroom available. Holding your pee for too long can cause your bladder muscles to weaken. A full bladder causes the muscles to stretch, leading to a floppy bladder that can not contract as well. If you are young and healthy, your bladder muscles tighten themselves within a few weeks.

Focus on relaxing your pelvis and abdomen, while at the same time closing the muscles around your urethra. Doing this is much like performing Kegel exercises.

Cross you legs to help hold your pee if you are standing. Do not cross your legs if you are sitting. When you are sitting you need to raise one leg to cross them. Raising your leg when in a sitting position puts pressure on your bladder.

Sit upright with a straight back to give you bladder maximum space. Press your thighs together, and be careful not to lean forward.

Stay in the position that you are in until you can get to a bathroom. If you are sitting, stay sitting; if you are standing, remain standing. Changing positions can make it more difficult to hold your pee.

Tell yourself that you do not have to go to the bathroom that badly, and that you are able to hold your pee until a bathroom is available. Say it with conviction and convince yourself it is true.

Distract yourself with other thoughts. After telling yourself that you do not have to go, allow your mind to stop thinking about it. Focusing on the need to pee makes it more difficult to hold it. Do not think about anything associated with using the bathroom or anything that reminds you that you have to pee.


  • As we get older the muscles of our bladder weaken and it is harder to hold our pee.
  • Holding your pee for too long, or too frequently, can lead to a build up of bacteria and cause bladder infections. After holding your pee, when you are back near a bathroom, it is a good idea to drink a lot of water and urinate frequently to flush your system of toxin build up.


  • Avoid drinking too much fluid if you know you are going to be someplace without a bathroom.

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