How to Find Gun Values

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Traditionally, it has been difficult to find out the value of a particular gun. Pawn shops always give you the least amount possible--never a true reflection of a gun's value. Gun shows may or may not have the exact gun you have, so value may not be ascertained, and gun buyers at these shows will offer you far less than it is probably worth. Keep in mind that when getting the value of anything that there will be a “bid” price, which is the highest amount anyone is willing to pay for an item, and an “asked” price, which is the lowest amount anyone is willing to sell an item. Your weapon's value will always be the bid price.

Use All Resources Available to Get an Accurate Price

    The Blue Book covers many gun values.
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    Go to your public library. Find a copy of The Blue Book of Gun Values. Look up your firearm. The Blue book is now in its 31st edition and covers the values of an enormous amount of guns. It is more than 2,300 pages and even the most obscure gun is likely to be found in it.

    Antique weapons can also be found.
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    Get a copy of the Official Gun Digest Book of Guns and Prices 2010, Rifles, Pistols, and Shotguns, 5th Edition at the library. It is edited by Dan Shideler. It contains a tremendous amount of information, with more than 10,000 firearms listed, dating back as far as 1835.

    Gunbroker.com is a website where you can find the value of your gun or even sell it.
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    Get on the Internet. The site Gunbroker.com lists thousands of firearms for sale. Type in your exact firearm. If it matches any of the current gun auctions under way, there will be a list of prices posted for your firearm. An advantage to using an active website versus a book is that you can actually sell your gun on the website if you want. The price is likely to be a fair representation of the value because potentially thousands of interested buyers will see the auction. You can also name a minimum price for which you would sell it.

    Looking at as many references as possible is the best way to find a value.
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    Go to AuctionArms.com. It is another popular site for finding values for guns and selling them if you wish. Type in the exact make and model of your gun and if an auction is under way for that firearm, you will see the value of your weapon. This site contains fewer auctions than Gunbroker, so it may be more difficult to find your gun. On the other hand, it may contain auctions for guns that are not covered by Gunbroker. Check both sites to get your best price.


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