How to Gobble With a Mouth Call

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Turkeys gobble for a variety of reasons, including to attract potential mates and to let lesser male birds know they are in the area. Turkey hunters use gobble calls to fool male birds into thinking there is a competitor in their area. While there are a wide variety of turkey calls available, many hunters prefer mouth calls because they do not require hunters to hold anything, or move their hands or arms. With practice, hunters can use mouth calls to make the sound of a gobble.

Place the call on the roof of your mouth, about halfway back. The flat end of the call should face outward.

Place the tip of your tongue against the very edge of the flat part of the call, which is the reed.

Bounce the tip of your tongue against the reed rapidly as you exhale and make a "dah-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah" sound.