Which Forms Do I Need to Transfer a Boat in Texas?

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If you privately buy or sell a boat in Texas, a few steps must be taken before the transaction becomes legal. Both parties must sign the forms --- PWD-143 (Vessel/Boat Application) and/or form PWD-144 (Outboard Motor Application) --- at the nearest Texas Parks and Wildlife office. The entire transfer process takes an hour or two to complete, and the forms must be filed within 20 working days from the sale of the boat.

Visit the Nearest TPWD Office

Both the buyer and the seller need to visit the nearest Texas Parks and Wildlife office. Until both parties sign the proper forms, the title will remain under the original owner's name.

Sellers Forms

The seller of the boat will need to fill out either the "Vessel/Boat Application" (PWD-143) and/or the "Outboard Motor Application" (PWD-144). If you are selling only the motor, all you have to fill out is the motor application. Both forms are available on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website (see Resources).

Sign the Title

The seller must present the current title to the Texas Parks and Wildlife office, print the name of the new owner on the back, and sign and date the title.

Buyer's Forms

The buyer must complete the buyer's portion of forms PWD-143 and PWD-144.

Turn in Proper Documentation and Fees

Turn in all forms, with the applicable fees and transfer taxes to the nearest Texas Parks and Wildlife office or county tax collector's office.