How to Be a Florida Concealed Weapon Permit Trainer

How to Be a Florida Concealed Weapon Permit Trainer

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Florida does not issue a license for concealed weapon permit trainers, but Florida law requires completion of a training course before a concealed carry permit can be issued. Florida Statutes Chapter 790.06(h) describes which types of courses satisfy this requirement, and anyone who is authorized to instruct such courses is a concealed weapon permit trainer under Florida law.

Become a certified hunter safety instructor. Any person who has completed a Florida hunter safety education program can become a certified instructor. Though you will have to teach more than just gun safety, your students will be qualified to obtain a concealed weapons permit in Florida. To get started on becoming a certified hunter safety instructor, contact the closest regional office of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Become an NRA instructor. Completion of any NRA firearms safety or training course satisfies the training requirement for a Florida concealed carry permit. The requirements to become an NRA instructor are considerable, and require at least 11 to 21 hours of training under a certified instructor in addition to verifiable prior experience. NRA instructors are evaluated on their ability to use firearms with confidence as well as their ability to use instructional aids. To get a list of instructors in your area, contact the NRA Training Department at 703-267-1430.

Become a law enforcement trainer. If you are an NRA certified instructor or have firearms training from a federal agency, you qualify for a Class K license in Florida. A Class K instructor can conduct law enforcement and security instructional courses, which qualify graduates for a concealed weapon or firearms permit in Florida.


  • Florida law also recognizes firearms safety courses taught at community colleges and other post-secondary institutions if the trainer has NRA instructor certification.
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