Erection Instructions for a Northeastern Outfitters Tent

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Escape the ordinary, everyday routine and get back to nature while camping in a Northeast Outfitters dome tent. This Academy Sports brand dome tent is similar to the Eureka Tetragon 7 and can be assembled in a few simple steps. The flexibility of this dome tent can take you from the sandy coast to rugged mountain peaks and anywhere in-between. Grab your tent, pack your bag and head outdoors for a memorable camping experience.

Unfold the Northeast Outfitters tent and lay it out on a clear, level site. Unzip the doors.

Extend all poles. Connect the middle sections of the pole first, and continue to connect each section until fully extended. Lay the long tent poles across the tent body, forming an "x."

Slide a corner pin into one end of one tent pole. Bend the pole, forming an arch and slide the opposite corner pin into the other end of the pole. Repeat with the other pole.

Raise both tent poles and attach them to the peak of the tent roof. Clip the tent to the poles, beginning at the bottom and moving to the top.

Stake the tent down through the corner rings.

Lay the rain fly over the tent with the rod sleeves over the front door and back window. Slide the brim rods into the sleeves. Secure the rain fly with the attached straps and hooks. Insert the ends of the brim rods into the grommets on the tent.

Stake the front of the rain fly to form a vestibule.


  • It is easier to assemble the tent with two people.
  • Apply a seam sealer to the inside tent seams to prevent leaks.


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