The Easiest Way to Tie a Sebile Knot

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The Sebile knot connects a braided main fishing line to a monofilament fluorocarbon leader. Sebile USA, a company that manufactures and distributes saltwater fishing lures, designed the knot to provide 100 percent knot strength without adding an impediment to long-distance casting. The knot does not have the mono line, making any turns or loops about itself. This adds to the knot strength since the mono line cannot cut into itself. The easiest way to tie this knot is with the fishing rod standing vertical and with the line hanging down from the tip.

Hold the leader line about 2 inches from the end with your left hand. Allow the main line to hang over the leader about 8 inches. The main line hanging below the leader is the tag end and the line above the leader is the standing line.

Bring the tag end up and over the front of the leader on the right side of the standing line, then let it hang down again. Bring the standing line down and under the leader from behind on the right side of the wrap made with the tag end, then let it stand up again. Repeat this step nine more times, with each loop closer to the end of the leader. This step creates a string of interwoven wraps around the leader.

Pass the tag end around the leader once to create a loop, then put the tag end through the loop to create a single overhand knot. Pull the overhand knot snug at the end of the string of interwoven wraps.

Wrap the tag end around the leader again to create another loop. Put the tag end through the loop, bring it around the leader and back through the loop again. Pass it around the leader and through the loop two more times. Pull the knot snug at the end of the wraps.

Repeat the previous step again, but only pass the tag end around the line and through the loop twice. Repeat the previous step one more time with a single overhand knot at the end of the wraps.

Grasp the long end of the leader and the standing line. Pull on the two lines to tighten the knot. Snip the short end of the leader and the tag end of the main line with the scissors about 1/8 inch from the wraps on the line.


  • Tying this knot with the fishing rod vertical and the line hanging down helps you manage the lines and keep them in the correct place.

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