How to Tie a Line to a Ring Buoy

How to Tie a Line to a Ring Buoy

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Ring buoys are rings made of a buoyant material that have a durable waterproof covering. Ring buoys feature a small diameter rope or cord attached along the outside of the ring that provides a water-rescue victim more opportunity to grab the life saving device. Ring buoys are typically attached to an unweighted rope that allows for retrieval of the buoy as well as the rescue victim. Securely attaching a rope to the buoy is essential.

Items you will need

  • Ring buoy

  • Unweighted or water rescue rope

Tie a figure-eight knot two feet from the end of an unweighted or water rescue rope. Tie the figure eight knot by doubling the line to form a working loop two feet from one end. Hold the working loop so that a short length of doubled line extends back.

Bring the short end of the doubled line across the main line. Turn the short end down and then under the main line. Pull the line back up and through the working loop. Do not pull the knot tight at this point.

Wrap the short free end of the line past the figure-eight knot around the ring buoy. Bring the free end of the rope around the buoy and back to the figure-eight knot.

Feed the free end of the line back through the figure-eight knot so that the lines are parallel to each other. Follow the path of the first figure-eight to form a double figure eight.

Adjust the loop around the ring buoy as needed or based on personal preference. Tighten the double figure-eight knot down securely.

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