How to Make a Bottom Fishing Rig With Multiple Hooks

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The multiple-hook bottom rigs present the bait to fish at several points above the bottom. The bait is presented to fish as free-floating prey. Bottom rigs are highly flexible in design and should be adjusted to the bottom conditions in the fishing area. Bottom rigs are suitable for all kinds of fish and all types of bait in both fresh and salt water. They are especially effective in heavily weeded areas. You can find the supplies for this rig at a local tackle shop, and some excellent bargains on bulk tackle at on-line suppliers.

Items you will need

  • Line- 30-36 inches

  • Crimps

  • Beads

  • Weight Clip

  • Bait Clips

  • Weight

  • Swivels

  • Leaders-6-12 inches

  • Hooks

  • Crimping Pliers

Pick up the main line. Attach the top swivel using a clinch knot. To tie a clinch knot, pass the bitter end of the main line through the swivel eye, then pass the bitter end over the standing line six times, double the bitter end back, passing it through the loop created by the twists below the swivel eye. Pass the bitter end through the created loop, holding it tight and sliding the twists toward the swivel eye, forming the knot. Snip the excess bitter end.

Place the first crimp four inches from the top swivel. Slide the first bead onto the line, moving it to the crimp.

Add the second swivel, moving it up to the first bead. Add the second bead, moving it up to the bottom of the second swivel.

Add the second crimp six inches below the first crimp. The swivel and beads should move freely between the crimps with the beads stopping the swivel from moving past either crimp. Add a wire leader to the swivel and a weight clip to the free end of the main line.

For the next hook, place the third crimp 12 inches below the second crimp. Add the beads and swivel in the same order as in steps three and four. Place the fourth crimp six inches below the third. Tie the weight, using a cinch knot, to the end of the line.


  • This rig should not be cast. It is designed to be dropped to the bottom.


  • Wait to attach the leaders and hooks to the swivels. It is easier to carry the rig in a tackle box and avoids the danger of open hooks.
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