How Do I Pick a Truck Camper for a Short Box?

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Pickup trucks are utilitarian in design. Made to haul freight, goods, animals and more, these vehicles are stout road travelers. Short bed pickup trucks have truncated beds for hauling, usually with the added benefit of a king sized cab. Truck campers are available for these shortened beds. Picking one out is dictated by your needs, where you plan to do the bulk of your camping and the seasons you hope to camp in.

Collect information from available camper dealers. Truck camper dealers tend to be the same as RV dealers. Get catalogs that show floor plans and add-on extras. For example, Lance Campers offers views of their short bed campers online.

Bring the make, model and year of your pickup truck to the dealer. This helps the dealer pinpoint the fittings needed to attach the camper to your truck's bed.

Pick out a camper with additional cold weather insulation, or extra heaters if you plan on camping in cold or wintery weather. Conversely, get a camper equipped with air conditioning and roof vents if you will spend the majority of time in hot or warm climates.

Determine how many people will be camping on a normal trip. Pick out a camper that has the appropriate number of beds.

Get a camper that has either 30 or 50 amp electric connections. These are the standard campground electrical connections. This is helpful if you plan to use the short-bed camper in campgrounds or plug it into external electric connections.


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