How Do I Level My Fifth Wheel Camper?

How Do I Level My Fifth Wheel Camper?

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New fifth wheel owners quickly realize that it is not often that a camping spot is completely level. Your fifth wheel should always be as level as possible to provide stability, prevent warping of the frame and allow the refrigerator to work properly. Leveling your fifth wheel should not be intimidating. After performing the task several times, you will be able to level your fifth wheel trailer in a short amount of time.

Adding Levels to a Fifth Wheel

Placing levels in convenient places will help make leveling quicker and less hassle. Park the fifth wheel in a very level spot, such as a concrete driveway or pad. Use a level to determine if the trailer is indeed level.

Purchase a self-adhering level that is large enough that you can read it from the cab of the truck. Position this level in the center of the front cap of the trailer. Place it high enough that you can read it from the inside of the truck.

Use a level to ensure that it is completely level before attaching it to the front cap. Mark the correct position with a pencil. Peel off the backing and carefully place it on the marks. Press firmly to attach the level.

Place a smaller level near the controls for the landing gear. You will want to position it so that you can see it while operating the landing gear. Use a level to ensure that it is completely level and attach it to the side of the fifth wheel.

Leveling Side to Side

The level on the front cap of the fifth wheel will help you determine how level the camper is from side to side. Always level the fifth wheel from side to side first.

Check the level to determine if one side of the trailer is higher than the other. If it is not level, you will need to place a long piece of wood or leveling block beneath the tires on the lower side of the trailer to level it. Pull the fifth wheel forward or back it up. Place a long board or leveling blocks in front of the tires if you will be pulling the trailer forward and behind the tires if you will be backing it up. Pull the trailer up on the blocks or wood and check the level.

Repeat until the trailer is level. After completing this task several times, you will be able to judge how much wood or how many blocks are needed to level the trailer and it will take less time to complete. When the trailer is level, chock the wheels and unhitch it from your tow vehicle. Place blocks beneath the footing of the landing gear so that they strike the ground at the same time when lowered.

Leveling Front to Back

Once the fifth wheel is level from side to side, you can begin leveling the trailer from front to back.

Lower or raise the landing gear using the controls to level the trailer. Once the trailer is level, lower the stabilizer jacks in the rear. Your fifth wheel camper is now level.

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