How to Measure for a Camper Shell

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A pick-up truck is a useful vehicle to have, as it can carry more than a conventional passenger car, and generally has towing capacity. The truck bed can also be used for camping purposes if one so desires. A camper shell can be fitted to the truck bed, enclosing the bed to haul equipment, or to be used as a shelter while on the road or at a campsite. Fitting a camper shell requires measuring the truck bed.

Items you will need

  • Tape measure

Measure the height of the truck cab from the truck bed floor using a tape measure. This is needed to ensure that the camper shell will clear the top of the truck cab, by at least 6 inches to compensate for movement. Write the measurement down.

Measure the width of the truck bed from the inside of the side-wall to the other side-wall. Write the measurement down.

Measure the length of the truck bed from the cab to the tailgate seam. Write the measurement down.


  • Use caution when camping. Do not attempt to park on the side of a major highway or interstate and camp. This practice is illegal in most areas and can be a traffic hazard.


  • Always measure twice to ensure correct measurements. Have a camper shell dealer measure your truck bed prior to purchasing the camper shell.