How to Disassemble Your Spincast Reel

How to Disassemble Your Spincast Reel

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The first reel many fishermen ever hold in their hands is a spincast reel. These reels operate at the push of a button and are easier to learn to use than are other types of reels. Though not designed for the rigors of catching large fish, they are adequate for catching many of the fish beginning anglers pursue, like crappies and sunfish. Disassembling spincast reels, which must be done to clean or repair them, takes only a few minutes.

Grab the front cover of the reel and spin it counterclockwise. Pull it off the reel.

Pull the cover off the back side of the reel.

Locate the nut or screw that holds the handle on the reel. Turn it counterclockwise to remove it, and then pull the handle off the reel.

Locate the nut at the front of the reel. Spin it counterclockwise. Grab the assembly that protects the reel spool and pull it off the reel.

Spin the star-shaped knob counterclockwise and remove it from the reel.

Remove the spring and the washer connected to the rod that now is visible.

Pull the rod, and the reel gears connected to it, out of the reel.

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