How to Take Apart a Quantum Baitcaster

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Quantum is part of the Zebco brand of fishing equipment. Both names are widely recognized by many anglers with Quantum featuring the higher-end professional line of fresh and saltwater equipment. Baitcast reels are part of the Quantum line with features including high-count stainless-steel bearings, aluminum spools and reels frames, ceramic drags and micro-adjustable cast control. Taking a Quantum baitcast reel apart can be necessary for routine maintenance and cleaning due to normal use.

Items you will need

  • Quantum baitcast reel

  • Blade screwdriver

  • Adjustable wrench

Locate the spool access on the side of the Quantum baitcast reel that is opposite the handle. Depending on the Quantum baitcast reel model, the side of the reel that is opposite the handle will commonly slide open so the reel can be accessed.

Hold the Quantum reel firmly and slide the side of the reel opposite the handle up to access the spool. Remove the spool by sliding it straight out and set it to the side.

Access the reel handle by loosening and removing the screw holding the handle cap in place with a small-blade screwdriver.

Loosen and remove the retaining nut that secures the handle. Slide the handle off the Quantum baitcast reel.

Remove the star drag control, washers, bearing ring and the spool tension knob assembly so that the screws securing the side of the reel to the reel body can be easily accessed.

Loosen and remove the two small screws in the side of the Quantum reel with a blade screwdriver. Pull the side of the reel off the reel body to access the gears.

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