How to Fix a Line to a Push-Button Fishing Rod

How to Fix a Line to a Push-Button Fishing Rod

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Push-button fishing rods and reels, also known as spin-cast reels, are so named because anglers need only press a button to make a cast. The reels are simpler to use than other types of fishing reels and are also not as susceptible to line tangles or backlash. Although generally the province of novice or young anglers who target sunfish and other small species, you can use push-button rods and reels when targeting much larger species of fish, including bass. Anglers who use push-button reels should fix new line on them at least once per fishing season.

Attach a push-button reel to a fishing rod. The best rods to pair with these reels have a trigger hanging below the reel seat.

Thread the fishing line through each guide on the fishing rod, beginning with the tip and working progressively toward the reel.

Spin the face of the push button reel counterclockwise to remove it from the body of the reel.

Thread the line through the hole at the front of the reel face and then wrap the line around the spool of the reel two times. Tie a knot to fix the line to the spool.

Crank the handle of the push-button reel clockwise until the line is within 1/4 of an inch of the rim of the spool.

Replace the reel face by turning it clockwise. Turn it until it is fully tightened.

Snip the line beyond the tip of the fishing rod.

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