How to Disassemble a Lorcin

How to Disassemble a Lorcin

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If you are looking for a handgun with a solid reputation for accuracy and reliability, the Lorcin line of handguns would not make the list. The Lorcin pistols--of which there are four designs, the L22, the L9mm the L32 and the L380--are of such poor quality that on Lorcin's closure, the company had filed for bankruptcy to protect itself from over a dozen personal injury and liability lawsuits. Despite their unfavorable reputation, the Lorcin pistols are relatively easy to disassemble--due mostly to the fact that the pistols have very few moving parts.

Items you will need

  • Ball-point pen

Step 1

Push the magazine release--located on the handle toward the back of the pistol--and remove the magazine from the handle of the Lorcin, then pull the slide back several times to eject any cartridges that might be chambered in the firing chamber.

Step 2

Locate the square take-down button on the back of the Lorcin. This will be located on the center of the slide on the very back of the pistol. Use your ball-point pen to push in the button.

Step 3

Keep the button pressed in and pull the slide up and off of the frame. Be very careful while doing this, as the recoil spring in the Lorcin is under pressure and may pop out.

Step 4

Pull the other recoil spring out of the front end of the Lorcin frame. This is as far as you can go in disassembling the Lorcin.

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