How to Disassemble an H&K P-30

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The Heckler and Kotch P30 is one of the more recent firearms--as of October, 2010--made by this renowned weapons manufacturer. It was designed specifically for use by police and security forces, though it has also found use in the civilian sector as well. As with all firearms, it is important that you know how to field strip your P30 in order to perform routine maintenance or replace any damaged parts.

    Eject the magazine from the P30 and pull the slide back several times to eject any rounds that may be in the firing chamber. Clearing your weapon of ammunition should always be your first step when working on a firearm.

    Pull the slide back so that the rectangular notch at the bottom of the slide--on the left side--is aligned with the take-down pin on the right side of the gun.

    Push the takedown pin on the right side of the P30. This will raise the slide lock on the left side of the P30. Pull the slide lock out until it stops.

    Release the slide and push it all the way off the P30 frame.

    Push the recoil spring assembly forward slightly, then lift it up and out of the slide.

    Pull the barrel straight back out of the slide. Your H&K P30 is now ready for cleaning or repair.

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