How to Design Your Own Camper

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The recreational camper market is full of many different camper designs and floor plans. From tent trailers to fifth-wheels or large motor homes, there is probably a camper with the right design and price for everyone. However, if after you have unsuccessfully searched for the right combination, you may want to consider designing a camper trailer to meet your specific wants and needs for your family and the type of camping trips it will be used for.

Decide how many people it will have to sleep. Before you start adding amenities, your camper has to have enough bed space for the number of people who will be using the camper on a regular basis. From here you can decide if your camper will be a tent trailer design or a rigid body trailer.

Determine the type of kitchen you want to have. Do you always cook outside when you are camping, even in the rain? If so, you may not need to take up valuable floor space inside your camper for a stove. This extra space can be used for a fridge or other storage.

Pick a bathroom design that best fits your needs. If your camper will be used by a young family, you may want to use extra space for a full bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.

Choose a table and living space floor plan. Just like your decisions about the stove, if you spend as much time as possible outdoors when you are camping, then you may not need as much space dedicated to this part of the camper.

Draw a first draft of your camper taking into account all of the decisions you have made. Once the first draft is completed, take time to review the design and compare it to similar commercial models. This will help you identify any areas you may not have considered in designing your own camper.


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