Creative Ideas for Boat Interior Design

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The biggest thing that affects the type of interior design options for boat owners is the size and type of boat. However, any boat can have added elements that make it more comfortable and serve both form and function. With any interior design ideas incorporated into boat remodeling, personal taste will always play a large role.


In choosing everything from fabric to electronic equipment, a vital factor is the design's suitability for marine use. All materials are subject to damage from sprays of water. Use of vessels in salt water requires even more care because the salt is so corrosive, even to items made specifically for marine use. For both fresh and salt water boating, electronics and mechanical equipment must be made for use in water vehicles to prevent sparks, shocks and other hazards that would normally occur with this equipment around water.


Boats of any size can be made more comfortable by applying marine-grade carpeting. More luxurious carpets for cabins and cuddies can equal the quality of fine hotel rooms while still holding up to the water that is carried in on clothing and feet. All exterior flooring covered in carpeting is usually tight, short pile. Marine carpeting is mold- and mildew-resistant and is glued on with special marine glue. Marine carpet comes in standard widths starting at 6' and continuing up to 40' and then is sold by length in those widths. Carpet prices range from $70.00 to $250.00 for a 16' x 6' section.


Just like the fancy electronics used on the helm of your boat, all electronics used inside in your design must be made for marine use. That includes televisions, stereos, refrigerators and stoves. In order to make the best use of this type of electronic additions, a boat needs to have a cabin space of some sort such as a cuddy or a full cabin. Televisions are popular additions even to small cuddies now that space-saving flat screens are on the market. However, a typical marine TV will be many times more expensive than its on-shore flat screen cousin. The cost of a 23" waterproof flat screen from SunBrite is $1,849.00.

Large cuddies and cabin cruisers are greatly enhanced with extras for long trips on the water such as coffee makers, microwaves, ice makers, port-a-potties, and cook tops. All of these should be purchased from reliable marine equipment manufacturers.


Upgrading the seating both on deck and in cabins goes a long way toward improving the quality of your ride. Most boat seats for deck use are leather or vinyl. Captain's chairs are popular additions for exterior seating for the driver's seat.


Turn the exterior areas of your boat into additional interior space by adding tent tops or partial shade covers called Bimini tops. They can be made for most power-sized boats and add a great deal of extra living space to smaller boats.