How to Open a Pocket Knife With One Hand

How to Open a Pocket Knife With One Hand

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Pocket knives serve a variety of functions on camping trips and backpacking excursions. The design of the pocket knife allows you to fold the blade into the handle for safe storage. Certain pocket knives feature a locking mechanism that secures the blade in the open position. Pocket knife manufacturers produce easy-to-open knives that feature a thumb stud near the bottom of the blade. Make sure your pocket knife features a designated thumb stud before attempting to release the blade with one hand.

Place the pocket knife in the palm of your dominant hand. Rotate the pocket knife so the dull edge of the blade points toward your middle finger. Identify the circular thumb stud located at the base of the blade.

Place your thumb on the bottom-right corner of the metallic stud. Push up and out on the thumb stud to slowly release the blade from the handle of your pocket knife. Rotate your thumb around the stud while lifting the blade into the open position.

Allow the blade of your pocket knife to lock into place. If your pocket knife doesn't feature a locking mechanism, push against the left side of the thumb stud to ensure the blade cannot move any farther. Pull down on the thumb stud to place the blade back into the handle of your pocket knife.

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