How to Clean a Raven Arms Model P25

The Raven P25 is a compact .25 ACP caliber pistol. The Raven's low cost and affordability made it enormously popular; eventually more than 2 million Raven pistols entered the civilian market. After fire destroyed the Raven factoryin 1991, literally it rose from the ashes to become the Phoenix Arms company. Because of the type of metal used in the manufacture of the Raven P25, you need to clean and maintain it frequently. Cleaning a Raven P25 is not difficult, and it's very important to ensure that the pistol functions reliably.

Disassemble and Clean the Raven P25

Eject the magazine and rack the slide of the pistol to ensure that the firearm is not loaded. Once you verify that the chamber is clear, drop the slide and pull the trigger to release the striker.

Press down on the square button located below the striker button on the rear of the slide until you have depressed it approximately 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch.

Lift up the rear of the slide while keeping a thumb or finger over the striker above the square button. This prevents the firing pin spring from ejecting the striker retainer.

Remove your thumb from the striker retainer gently, then pull the slide forward and off the barrel.

Remove the firing pin spring, striker and retainer from the rear of the slide.

Pull the recoil spring forward off the front of the barrel.

Soak a .25-caliber bronze brush in carbon solvent and run it through the barrel a few times to loosen any carbon fouling.

Run a .25-caliber mop through the barrel to remove the carbon fouling loosened in step 7, then soak a cotton swab in carbon solvent and swab out any other fouling found on the remaining parts of the pistol. You can easily identify carbon fouling by the black stains left on the metal components.

Oil the pistol lightly using a light gun oil, then reassemble the pistol in the reverse order of steps 1 through 6.