How to Remove Sea-Doo Boat Seats

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A Sea-Doo, in spite of its motorcycle-like appearance, is still a boat, just like any other and, like any other boat, has seat covers that get bleached out by the sun or ripped, and need to be repaired or replaced. Removing the seat is necessary whenever you want to re-cover the seat or if your seat cover is damaged and you decide to make those repairs. If you take the seats off the right way, you can make your repairs quickly, with little consternation.

Step 1

Locate the rear seat latch, found under the rear edge of the rear seat. Lift the latch and hold it up.

Step 2

While holding the latch, tilt the rear seat forward and set it aside. This exposes the rear edge of the front seat.

Step 3

Locate the front seat latch under the rear edge of the front seat. Lift the latch and hold the latch up.

Step 4

Lift the seat and pull toward the rear of the vessel. Set the seat aside.


  • Wash your hands to remove any grease before removing the seats from the Sea Doo.


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