How to Change Oil in a Yamaha Wolverine

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The Wolverine 350 is an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) made by Yamaha. The intended use is as an off-road, recreational vehicle. The Wolverine 350 has an air-cooled, four-stroke, single overhead cam engine. As with any gas-powered engine, maintenance must be performed to keep the engine running as expected. Part of that maintenance are the oil changes. Oil changes should be performed every six months, 1,600 miles or 160 hours of operation, whichever comes first.

Items you will need

  • Drain pan

  • Wrench set

  • Torque wrench (ft/lbs)

  • 2.3 quarts of Yamalube or SAE oil

Step 1

Park the ATV on a level surface. Allow the engine to run until it is warmed up, then turn it off.

Step 2

Place the drain pan under the engine.

Step 3

Remove the oil filler cap, then remove the oil drain bolt with a wrench.

Step 4

Allow the oil to fully drain into the drain pan.

Step 5

Reinstall the oil drain bolt, then tighten it to 17 ft-lbs (foot-pounds) with a torque wrench.

Step 6

Refill the engine by adding 2.33 quarts of Yamalube or SAE oil to the oil fill tube.

Step 7

Reinstall and tighten the oil filler cap.


  • Do not allow debris to enter the crankcase.
  • Do not add chemical additives to the oil.
  • Do not use oil rated for diesel engines.
  • Do not use oil of a higher rating than is specified by Yamaha.


  • Use Yamalube 4 20W-50 or SAE 20W-50 oil if the seasonal temperatures in your area are 50 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Use Yamalube 4 10W-40 or SAE 10W-40 oil if the seasonal temperatures in your area are 10 degrees to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Use Yamalube 4 5W-30 or SAE 5W-30 oil if the seasonal temperatures in your area are 30 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.