How to Disassemble a Kel Tec Pf9

How to Disassemble a Kel Tec Pf9

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The PF-9 is a semi-automatic, 9 millimeter pistol manufactured by Kel-Tec. Disassembling a Kel Tec PF-9 is known as field stripping. Field stripping the handgun is a necessary step for cleaning or maintenance. The main components of the PF-9 are the barrel, slide, frame, firing mechanism, grip, and magazine.

Items you will need

  • Flat blade screwdriver

Step 1

Press the magazine release button located on the grip behind the trigger. Remove the magazine.

Step 2

Pull the slide back to clear the chamber. If there is a bullet in the chamber, it will fall out. Allow the slide to go back into place.

Step 3

Pull the slide back. Lock it into place by pressing the slide lock stop button on the side of the barrel above the trigger.

Step 4

Push the tip of a flat blade screwdriver into the assembly pin groove, located about halfway down the barrel. Pull the assembly pin out.

Step 5

Pull the slide toward the tip of the barrel to remove it.

Step 6

Grasp the recoil spring in the slide on both ends, applying slight pressure to retract it. Pull up to remove the spring from the slide.

Step 7

Remove the barrel from the slide by lifting it straight up.


  • Always practice firearms safety. Be sure the firearm is unloaded before working on it.
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