How to Chain Knot a Rope

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So you're finished using your rope after a day of climbing, sailing or rescue work and you want to store your rope without the possibility of tangles or complicated knots? The chain knot is perfect for the job. Chain knots are simple and quick to tie and can be quickly undone by pulling one of the rope ends. Chain-knotted rope can be stuffed into a duffel or rope bag with little fear of tangling.

Undo any knots in the rope, starting from one end and working your way toward the other.

Hold the rope approximately two feet from one end.

Create a loop in the rope approximately six inches across.

Reach your hand through the loop and grab the rope just past your loop.

Pull your hand and the rope through the loop, thereby creating a new loop.

Reach your hand through your new loop and grab more rope.

Pull your hand and the rope through the loop, thereby creating yet another loop.

Continue pulling rope through the loops until you reach the other end. Insert the last two feet of rope through the final loop to secure the chain knot in place.


  • Never apply your weight to chain-knotted rope. Chain knotting is use for storage purpose, not for weight-bearing purposes.


  • Pull the loops tight as you go for a more compact knot. Note that more compact ropes will take more strength to undo.
  • To undo your chain knot, remove one of the rope ends from its loop and pull. The rope will automatically undo itself.


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