How to Cancel a Thousand Trails Membership

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Thousand Trails is the largest, private RV camping system in the United States. It offers preserves where members can park their RVs, as well as rental accommodations, at numerous outdoor destination sites. To receive access to Thousand Trails services, you must be a member. If you decide you want to cancel your Thousand Trails membership, you can do so by speaking with a customer service representative.

Items you will need

  • Phone

  • Thousand Trails membership number

  • Email account

Step 1

Call Thousand Trail's member services phone number at 1-800-388-7788, and follow the prompts within the menu to reach a customer service representative.

Step 2

Provide the customer service representative with your Thousand Trails membership number (or other membership information, such as your name, address or social security number, if you do not know your membership number) so that the representative can access your account information.

Step 3

Ask the representative to cancel your membership, and shortly thereafter you should receive an email confirmation of cancellation.


  • If you do not receive a cancellation email, check your spam folder. If the email is not there, call the customer service center again, and ask the representative to check your membership status to ensure that it has been canceled.


  • Be firm with the customer service representative if he tries to dissuade you from canceling your service, as he usually will.
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