Campers That Fit in Garages

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Trailer campers are mobile homes that can be towed behind a vehicle such as a truck. For those looking to store their campers in their garage between uses, pop-up campers are available. Pop-up campers fold out from a smaller base when deployed, then fold back into their compressed forms for easy storage in a garage.

Storage and Towing

The primary advantages of pop-up campers are the ease of storage and transport. Their unfolded state allows them to fit into a standard garage, protecting them from the elements. When towing to a camp site, the decreased size makes the camper less of a strain on the vehicle towing it, improving gas mileage.


Pop-up campers make excellent starter models for those new to camping. Pop-ups are smaller in size and functionality and they are also cheaper to purchase, reducing the investment needed to enjoy the hobby.


Pop-up campers offer a more basic approach to campers, with a smaller footprint. For many camping enthusiasts, this is the ideal size. Others can find the smaller, less-lavish furnishings to be a negative. Additionally, pop-up campers frequently lack the extra amenities of larger trailers.


The need to set up the camper at every location is one of the primary drawbacks of owning a pop-up camper. Unlike a full-sized camper, which must simply be parked and leveled, a pop-up camper must be leveled, prepared and taken down each time it is transported.

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