How to Take Apart a Rhino Spincast Reel

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Novice fishermen often use spincast reels like the Rhino because they are user-friendly and easy to cast and retrieve. Anglers simply have to press a button and cast their line into the water. But spincast reels are no different than other fishing reels in that they get dirty with use. Fishermen who want their reels to last for a long time must take the reels apart and clean them on at least an annual basis.

Find the gray cover on the front of the reel. Spin it counterclockwise until you can remove it from the reel. Pull off the black cover from the back of the reel.

Remove the handle from the reel. In Rhino models RSC2 and RSC3, the screw that holds the handle on the reel is located in the middle of the gray handle. On the RSC5, it is at the end of the gray handle. Turn the screw counterclockwise until you can pull it off the reel. Then pull the handle off the reel.

Locate the nut at the front of the reel, which holds together a housing that covers the spool. Turn the nut counterclockwise until you can remove it. Pull the housing off the reel to expose the spool.


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