How to Adjust a Weaver Scope

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Weaver Optics produces quality American-made scopes for various uses, from short-distance pinking with your .22 rifle to long-distance shooting with a big game rifle. Weaver scopes use quality optics that provide for a sharp and clear picture. Weaver scopes are produced with variable power settings so you can adjust your magnification to meet your current needs. All Weaver scopes are built tough to be shockproof and waterproof.

Sight in your weaver scope by adjusting the cross hairs to the projected point of impact of the rifle's bullet. You can determine the point of impact by using a laser bore sighter, a device that projects a laser beam directly from the barrel of your rifle to your target, displaying the point of impact. The horizontal and vertical axis of your cross hairs can be adjusted with the dials located on the top and on the right-hand side of your scope. The top dial controls the vertical axis (up and down) and the side dial the horizontal (right and left).

Adjust the magnification setting to your desired power. Weaver scopes are all variable power, meaning they have an adjustable magnification range; for example, a 3 x 9 scope has a magnification range of three times to nine times. The power setting is adjusted by rotating the variable power ring located on the end of the scope closest to the shooter.

Correct your scope for parallax error. Parallax error is an optical illusion of false target movement, caused by minor shifts in the shooter's line of sight. Parallax error is a phenomenon only encountered when viewing a distant target at a high magnification setting. Adjust the objective bell located at the far end of your scope to the distance of your target to compensate for parallax error. Only high-powered Weaver scopes are adjustable for parallax error.

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