Tasco Rifle Scope Instructions

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Tasco rifle scopes have variable power settings, which means that you can adjust the magnification to best suit you shooting situation. If your Tasco scope is described as 3 – 9 x 40mm, that means that the magnification can be adjusted from three times magnification to nine times magnification, 40mm describes the size of the objective lens at the end of the scope. The objective lens brings light into the scope. The larger the objective lens, the more light is brought into the scope, resulting in a clearer image.

Step 1

Adjust your Tasco scope using the dials on the center of the scope. The top dial adjusts the crosshairs elevation, turning the dial clockwise moves the crosshairs down, and turning it counter-clockwise moves the crosshairs up. The dial on the right side adjusts the windage, turning the dial clockwise of moves across hairs left and turning it counter-clockwise moves the crosshairs right.

Step 2

Set your scope’s magnification by rotating the variable power ring (adjacent to the eyed piece). The numbers on the ring represent the magnification settings.

Step 3

Set your Tasco scope for parallax error by adjusting the objective bell to the distance to your target; not all Tasco scopes are equipped with this feature. Parallax error is an optical illusion of perceived target movement caused by a shift in the shooter’s line-of-sight through the scope.

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