How to Adjust the Sights on a Springfield XD 40 Pistol

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The Springfield XD40 is a Springfield arms .40 caliber pistol. The front sight is mounted and cannot be adjusted, only mounted and removed. The rear sight is secured to the slide of the pistol be a securing screw on the underside of the slide. To access the rear-sight securing screw you must disassemble the XD40. The rear sight has three holes on the bottom of it, one in the middle and one on the right and left side.

Items you will need

  • Gunsmithing tool kit

Step 1

Unload the XD40. Remove the clip and remove the bullet from the chamber. Point the XD40 at the ground. Pull the trigger to release the firing pin. Pull the release arm on the side of the XD40 to release the slide from the frame.

Step 2

Remove the small securing screw using the gunsmithing tool kit screwdriver. Pull the rear sight from the frame and locate the adjustment holes.

Step 3

Determine which way you need to adjust the the rear sight. Replace the rear sight to the frame and insert the securing screw into the hole on the rear sight that provides the correct alignment. Tighten the securing screw. Reassemble the XD40.

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