How to Adjust a Truglo Red Dot Scope

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Truglo manufactures a variety of light-enhancing sights and optics for use with compound bows, crossbows and firearms. A Truglo Red-Dot scope utilizes a red dot reticle, rather than crosshairs. This creates a pinpoint sight picture and point of aim. The traditional Truglo Red-Dot scope can be adjusted for both windage and elevation for use in the field. The process for adjusting the scope requires zeroing the weapon at a target distance of 25 yards.

Items you will need

  • Shooting rest

  • Screwdriver or coin

  • Target

  • Ruler

Secure the weapon in a rest, aiming safely downrange at the target.

Rotate the power adjustment knob to turn the scope on. Look through the scope and ensure that the red-dot is centered on the bull's-eye.

Fire a group of three or four shots. Note the shot placement on the target in relation to the bull's-eye. Measure the distance from the shot to the bull's-eye center with a ruler.

Remove the protective caps from the windage and elevation knobs. Rotate the windage knob using a screwdriver or coin if the shot is left or right in relation to the bull's-eye. Turn left to move left, turn right to move right. One click equals 1/4-inch at 25 yards.

Rotate the elevation to the proper location using a screwdriver or coin. To move the round up, rotate the knob in the direction of the "Up" arrow. To move the round down, rotate the knob opposite from the "Up" direction. Each click equals 1/4-inch at 25 yards.

Fire another group of shots to ensure that you made appropriate adjustments. Keep making adjustments until the weapon is firing precisely on target.


  • Never point a weapon at anything that you do not intend to shoot or kill.


  • You can adjust the weapon at greater ranges. One click at 50 yards equals 1/2-inch of adjustment. One click at 100 yards equals a 1-inch adjustment.
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