How to Set a Kimber Trigger Pull

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Kimber is an American manufacturer of 1911-style handguns. A Kimber is considered to be a high-end product, with most of the company's pistols starting at more than $1,000. Almost all Kimber pistols contain a set screw within the trigger that allows the shooter to customize the trigger pull and take-up on the trigger. Setting the screw allows you to increase or decrease the amount of pressure required to pull the trigger before the hammer falls and sets off a round. Having less pressure can improve accuracy, while adding pressure can improve safety.

Items you will need

  • Gun mat

  • Small Allen wrench

Pull the slide all the way back until it locks into place, and remove the magazine.

Visually inspect the chamber to make sure there is no round inside the barrel.

Place the pistol on a solid working surface. Consider using a gun mat to prevent scuff marks on the finish of the pistol.

Insert a small Allen wrench in the hole on the front of the trigger.

Turn the wrench clockwise to decrease the amount of pressure required on the trigger. Turn the wrench counterclockwise to increase the amount of pressure needed on the trigger.

Pull the trigger on the gun to test the new setting; make further adjustments as desired.