How to Adjust the Draw Length of Browning Micro Midas 3

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The Micro Midas 3 is a youth compound bow. The bow has a draw length range of 18 to 28 inches and comes in draw weights of 29 and 40 pounds. It is important to understand the procedure behind draw length adjustment, because the youth draw length is likely to grow. With adult compound bows, the draw length can be set one time, but youth bows require regular adjustments. The bow does not come with accessories attached, so any additions to the bow string will need to be adjusted in conjunction with the draw length.

Items you will need

  • Hex wrench

Locate the cam on the bottom of the bow limb. The cam is the wheel that controls the bowstring on the bottom. The idler is the wheel that controls the bowstring on the top of the limb.

Read the letters on the cam to determine the draw length. The letter system used by Browning begins with "A" and progresses through the alphabet. "A" is the longest draw length setting, and with each letter in the progression, the length shortens. The current length is determined by the lock screw position in relation to the letters.

Loosen the lock screw with a hex wrench. Also loosen the inner cam screw located beneath the lock screw.

Push on the cam to adjust the draw length. Push the cam towards the "A" to increase the draw length and push it away from the "A" to decrease the draw length. The lock screw and inner cam screw must be in matching positions.

Use a hex wrench to tighten the lock screw and the inner cam screw. Draw the bow string to test the length.


  • Do not dry fire the bow when testing the length. Let off easy and make further adjustments if necessary.


  • Make small adjustments and test the bow for each adjustment to find the perfect draw length.