How to Adjust a Browning Bow

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Your new Browning bow comes from the factory with the draw weight and draw length pre-set. Setting the bow at your optimum draw length and weight will increase your accuracy in both target and hunting scenarios. Both can be changed quickly to suit your personal needs and neither adjustment requires a bow press.

Items you will need

  • Set of Allen wrenches

Draw Weight

Use the Allen wrench that works with your particular bow to turn the limb bolts clockwise until they are tight. This puts the bow at its maximum weight setting.

Turn the limb bolts counterclockwise until you reach the desired weight.

Adjust both limb bolts the same number of turns and don't loosen the bolts more than four turns.

Draw Length

Check the paperwork that came with your bow. This tells you the range of draw lengths that you can set the bow.

Use the correct Allen wrench to remove the inner cam screw.

Reinsert the screw in the hole corresponding to your chosen draw length. The hole labeled "A" is the longest draw length for your cam and the draw length decreases as the holes go up through the alphabet.


  • Read and follow all safety warnings in the owner's manual before making adjustments.
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