How to Adjust the Draw Weight on a Parker Bow

How to Adjust the Draw Weight on a Parker Bow

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Parker Compound Bows Inc. is the largest producer of crossbows and compound bow archery equipment in the world. Parker makes a large assortment of compound bow models, each with specific draw weights to suit the preference of the any would-be hunter or archer. Adjusting the draw weight of your bow is a skill that any archer needs to learn to shoot the bow successfully. The bow draw weight must be adjusted equally at both limb ends for the bow to work appropriately, which can be done using a 3/16-inch Allen key.

Items you will need

  • 3/16-inch Allen key

Locate the bow limb bolts. These are located at both bow ends, just above the cams, and are recognizable by their 3/16-inch Allen key screw-heads.

Use the Allen key to turn each bolt counter-clockwise to decrease the draw weight. Each full turn of the screw will decrease the weight two to three pounds. The weight can only be decreased to 10 pounds under maximum draw weight. Ensure that you turn both limb bolts equally.

Turn each bolt clockwise to increase the weight if under maximum draw weight. The bow draw weight cannot be increased past the maximum draw weight of your Parker bow model.


  • Do not attempt to adjust draw weight past the specified peak draw weight. Doing so can result in damage to the bow or possible injury to the shooter.
  • Never point a bow and arrow at anything other than your intended target.
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