Bungee Jumping in Canton, Ohio

Bungee Jumping in Canton, Ohio

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Canton, Ohio, is known for its parks and green spaces, vibrant cultural arts scene and as the birthplace of professional football. The city’s dedication to physical health and fitness makes it the perfect place to bungee jump. Whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran jumper, Canton makes an ideal backdrop for bungee jumping.

When to Go

Most Canton, Ohio, bungee jumping outfitters offer year-round bungee jumping. However, be aware that reservations are subject to cancellation during bad weather. According to Climate Charts, an online climate data resource, Canton can reach minimum temperatures of 17 degrees Fahrenheit in January, and temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. Rain and snow are not uncommon in winter times, so consider scheduling bungee jumping reservations during more temperate weather.

What to Expect

Bungee jumping processes are fairly standard, including those in Canton, Ohio. Most bungee jumping companies operate from towers built with platforms. Bungee jumpers ascend the tower and are strapped into a harness, usually alongside an expert instructor. There are a variety of jumping harnesses that affect jumping style and performance, according to Bungee Zone. Harnesses include body harnesses, leg harnesses and arm harnesses. Bungee Zone recommends the “swallow dive,” which involves jumping from the platform with outstretched arms.

Expect to spend about an hour preparing for and executing the bungee jump.

What to Wear

Wear comfortable clothing suitable for the weather. In Canton, Ohio’s cooler months, it may be wise to warm, layered clothing. Rain jackets aren’t necessary, since bungee jumps are frequently cancelled in the event of rain. Be aware that hats and sunglasses may be lost on the trip down.

Who May Participate

Most bungee jumping companies in Canton, Ohio, require that bungee jumpers be at least 18 years old. Technical requirements may prohibit people weighing over 220 pounds from participating. While most companies prohibit anyone other than those jumping from the platform to ascend bungee jumping towers, it’s typically permissible to bring friends and family to cheer from below.


Individual bungee jumps can cost between $100 and $150, although this will vary from company to company. Some outfitters may offer a discount for group rates, although this often requires an advance reservation. Cancellation fees may apply for some Canton, Ohio, bungee jumping companies, and you can expect to pay more for add-ons like photos of the jump and any videography.


Luxergy, a company offering numerous high-energy outdoor activities, also offers bungee jumping in Canton. The company offers gift certificates, including corporate packages, for people interested in giving bungee jumps as gifts.

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