The Best Vans for Camping

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What to Look For

Look for a van that fits your camping needs. Consider options like stoves, refrigerators, extra storage, beds, pop-up tops and four-wheel drive. Older Volkswagen Westfalia camper vans have sinks, propane stoves, a mini refrigerator and a fold-down bed. If you want to design your own camper van, consider a conversion van from GM, Ford or Mercedes.

Common Pitfalls

Do not sacrifice reliability for a van with extra features, cool colors or a neat horn. Camper vans can take you to very remote and beautiful locations, but they can also leave you there. Only buy a camper van that has undergone a maintenance check and thorough inspection to ensure that there are no mechanical problems.

Where to Buy

For used camper vans, peruse the ad listings online at sites like Craigslist or Autotrader. Used vans are far more affordable than new vans, especially when you buy from an individual. However, most used vans do not come with warranties or guarantees. New camper vans are available at most major RV suppliers.


The best vans for camping can cost anywhere from $2000 to $100,000. Old Volkswagen camper vans and conversion vans are easy to find and very affordable. The most expensive vans are highly customized vans with four-wheel drive, custom lighting, expansive interiors and entertainment units. When buying any camper van, consider the cost of insurance, extended warranties and preliminary maintenance.



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