The Best 6 to 10 Person Tents

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Large-volume tents, or cabin tents, are created with a specific purpose in mind -- to comfortably accommodate groups of 6 to 10 people and their recreational needs. There are several factors that determine which tent will best suit your camping experience. In what kind of environment will you be camping? How critical is your level of overall comfort? What's your budget? Each of these questions needs to be addressed in order to make the best choices about your equipment.

Design Features and Pricing

Most of the tents that are intended for group camping share a similar basic layout, focusing on an efficient living space for multiple occupants. The quality of construction, amount of convenience-creating details and ease of use form the criteria determining suitability and price. Features can include simplicity of set up and break down, separate rooms in the floor plan, adequate access doors, functional ventilation and effective protection from the elements. Each upgrade is directly reflected in the cost of the tent.

Rely On the Experts

When considering the numerous outfitters that offer cabin tents, there is one that quickly rises to the top. The Coleman Company has been producing reliable, quality gear for more than 100 years. The experience and longevity of their brand qualifies them as experts in the field of outdoor equipment. Coleman has been offering an evolving selection of durable, practical and affordable cabin tents longer than anyone else in the market. They currently produce several different cabin tent designs, with their price point landing at about a third to half of other similarly featured tents.

Coleman Cabin Tent Models

The Coleman WeatherMaster and Instant Tent are two of the most popular and best-reviewed tent lines on the market. The WeatherMaster series offers two 6-person models and one 10 person tent. Features include multiple access doors and rooms, generous headroom, numerous window ports and ventilation, color-coded poling and a welded seam construction that helps repel moisture. The Instant Tent line has 6, 8 and 10 person models. They share similar features to the WeatherMaster tents, with one significant addition: Their frames are integrally built into the tent fabric, making assembly and breakdown fast and easy.

Best of the Rest

The other cabin tents available, while having arguably better features and construction, are priced considerably higher than Coleman. Among them, the Marmot Limestone 6-person tent is one of the best received, with features like heavy-gauge tent canvas construction, and wind-resistant engineering. The Kelty Parthenon, an 8-person model, has a dual-door front access, and a spacious slant wall design. Finally, the REI Kingdom 8-person tent focuses on accessibility. It comes with large-volume doors and vestibule, generous headroom and a zippered interior divider.


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