Top Camping Toys for Kids

Top Camping Toys for Kids

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Camping Products to Keep the Kids Learning and Having Fun

It's no secret that a good gift for the kids is a good gift for the whole family—especially when you and your partner might want to spend your camping trip relaxing by the fire instead of chasing around after the little ones.

Here are a few ideas to keep the kids safely entertained during your family camping adventure:

1. Binoculars

Who doesn't love a good pair of binoculars? Kids certainly do—or, really, anything that'll allow them to look up-close at things (microscopes, telescopes, magnifying glasses, etc.). Opt for a pair of inexpensive kids' binoculars and maybe throw in a bird-watching guidebook to boot, and you've bought the kids several hours of afternoon fun.

2. Scavenger Hunt Kit

It's more of an activity than a toy, but scavenger hunts make for a perfect afternoon of mental stimulation and physical activity.

Create a kit to accompany your kids on the hunt: Print out a list of plant types (or twigs, rocks, feathers—anything simple) for the kids to seek out, stick it in a paper bag, and send them on their way (with restrictions on where they can go beyond the campsite, of course). The first to present a paper bag containing each item wins big.

3. Camping Play Set

Lots of kids love to build. Yours might wish they could help out with campsite setup, but chopping wood and driving stakes into the ground aren't the most kid-friendly of activities. So consider tracking down a camping play set—a pack filled with plastic toy tools and maybe even a working lantern.

The set can keep your young ones entertained while safely distancing them from the actual hammers and axes you're working with.

4. Water Blasters

What better way to spend a scorching summer afternoon outside than by soaking everyone with cold water? The kids can stay active and entertained for hours with water blasters, and they won't leave behind any substances that are harmful for the environment. It's a worthwhile investment indeed.

5. Wildlife Activity Journal

A wildlife journal can help get the kids outside, writing, sketching and exploring the world around them. Activity journals guide kids in observing and understanding their surroundings, working as educational tools as well as a way to help keep them physically active. Pair a journal with a new pen and a set of binoculars, and the kids will have plenty to do and learn for hours on end.

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