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How to Troubleshoot a Jabsco Manual Pump

by Michael Larkin

A Jabsco Manual Pump Toilet is used most often on boats or other marine vessels where standard plumbing is not available. Water is pumped into the toilet bowl with a hand pump when you are ready to use it, then flushed after use into a storage container for later disposal. If your pump is not working properly, there are several things you can try to fix the problem without having to get your pump professionally repaired.

Pull the hose free of the pump that leads from the pump to the bowl.

Unscrew the four screws at the base of the pump using a Phillips screwdriver.

Lift the pump free from the rest of the toilet.

Look in the hose leading to the toilet bowl for blockage. Clear any blockage you find.

Lift the top valve gasket free from the area you removed the pump from. It should be sitting on three pegs. Check the gasket for cracks or other damage. Replace it if you find any damage.

Inspect the bottom of the pump for any damage or blockage. Clear any blockage. Physical damage to the pump will require you to have the pump replaced.

Reinsert the pump into its stand next to the bowl and reattach the screws. Reinsert the hose into the back of the pump.

Shut the Flush Control Lever (located on the back of the pump) completely. Attempt to pump water into the bowl.

Open the Flush Control Lever completely. Attempt to pump water into the bowl.

Items you will need
  • Phillips screwdriver


  • If your pump is still not functioning properly, contact Jabsco or a marine repair specialist.

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