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Although discontinued in 1995, the Perception Kayaks company's Aquaterra kayak line, known for its stability-enhancing wide beams, durability and strength, remains popular with today's kayak enthusiasts. Perception's Aquaterra Chinook line -- of which there were two versions produced -- offers many amenities and low-profile performance that doesn't sacrifice stability.

Aquaterra Chinook

The original Aquaterra Chinook offers a premium on stability and large-load capacity. The Chinook is low profile with a Northwest-style hull that alleviates the effects of wind and weather. It has a shallow "V" hull and a well-defined keel line. Well tracking, the Chinook comes equipped with bow and stern hatches for storage. Additionally, the Chinook has an adjustable seat with cup holder and thigh braces, adjustable foot pegs and bow and stern bulkheads. Deck rigging includes carrying toggles and reflective striping, and an optional surf rudder is offered.

Aquaterra Chinook Specifications

The Aquaterra Chinook is 16 feet long and 24 inches wide. It weighs 57 pounds and has a storage capacity of 9,700 cubic inches. The cockpit for the Chinook is 31 1/2 inches long and 17 inches wide.

Aquaterra Chinook NW

Perception Kayaks' Aquaterra Chinook NW matches the features of the original Chinook but expands capacity, adding greater storage volume to the bow and stern. With easy access to a large hatch at the front of the kayak, the Aquaterra Chinook offers the same stability, Northwest hull, shallow "V" hull, well-defined keel line, adjustable seat, thigh braces, adjustable foot pegs and bow and stern bulkheads. Like the original Chinook, the Chinook NW has deck rigging that includes carrying toggles and reflective striping as well as an optional surf rudder.

Aquaterra Chinook NW Specifications

The Aquaterra Chinook NW is 16 feet long and 24 inches wide. It weighs 57 pounds, and the cockpit is 31 1/2 inches by 17 inches. Dry storage capacity for the Chinook NW is 10,450 cubic inches.


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