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How to Rig a Sailboat Mast

by LaoA

A sailor who wants to rig a sailboat mast needs the help of another person to complete this task. You have to tighten the screws on the mast and the parts that accompany it to properly position the mast. If you possess the correct items such as rope, you can rig a sailboat mast.

Insert the rope via the upper part of your boat's mast. Then, ask your helper to go to the other side of your vessel's mast.

Attach your rope to the eye-screw of your boat's mast. Take a few steps toward the rear part of the boat until your rope appears taut.

Grab the line and pull it back while your helper pushes it from his location until your boat's mast starts to come off of the surface. Do not stop this process until the boat's mast appears perpendicular to the deck.

Ask your helper to put the screws in your craft's mounting bracket. Then, do not let go of the line until your helper puts in the final screw to conclude this procedure.

Items you will need
  • Rope
  • Screws to connect the mast

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