How to Find the Year on a Suzuki Outboard

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Knowing the model year of your Suzuki outboard motor is essential if you want to buy parts or upgrade your outboard. You can find it by looking on the engine or by finding the model number and serial number. Once you have the model number and serial number, you can find the information online, or contact one of your local Suzuki outboard dealers and have them look it up for you.

Step 1

Open the cover and look for an aluminum plug on the engine block. It will have the model number, serial number, and month and year of manufacture printed on it.

Step 2

Locate the model and serial numbers on the mounting clamp if you can't find or can't read the aluminum plug on the engine block.

Step 3

Look up the serial number online. There are websites where you can look up the information using the serial number and model number of your outboard (see Resources).

Step 4

Contact your local Suzuki outboard dealer and give him the serial number if you can't find the serial number online. The dealer will be able to tell you the year.