Yamaha Outboard 50 TLR Specifications

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The Yamaha Outboard 50TLR motor is a mid-range motor designed to propel small to medium-sized boats. The engine features corrosion protection in the form of the Enhanced Ultimate Corrosion Protection System. It also has three gears: forward, neutral and reverse. It can be controlled remotely and has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $4,990 as of December, 2010.

Configuration and Size

The 50TLR is a three-cylinder, two-stroke motor that displaces 698 cc. The bore is 2.6 inches and the stroke is 2.6 inches. The outboard motor weighs 189 lbs. The shaft is 20 inches long and features power trim and tilt, as well as a right-hand gearcase rotation. The motor is cooled with water using a thermostatic control.

Fuel System

The Yamaha Outboard motor runs on gasoline with a minimum octane content of 87. The induction system is a charged carbureted loop with exhaust through the prop. The ignition system is a capacitor discharged ignition system that is electric.


The transmission in the Yamaha 50TLR has a gear ratio of 1.85. It is lubricated with a precision blend oil injection system. The recommended oil type is Yamalube 2M and the motor can hold 1.6 quarts of oil.


The Yamaha Outboard 50TLR can produce 50 horsepower at 5,000 rpm. The optimum rpm range is 4,500 to 5,500. The compression ratio is 6.0-to-1.

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