How to Wrap a Walking Stick Handle

How to Wrap a Walking Stick Handle

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A hiking or walking stick provides an added point of balance and stability. For good walking or hiking sticks to work, it needs to be the proper size for your body and arm length and have a grip that's cushioned and absorbs sweat or moisture. The padding prevents bruising to palms and fingers and the wrap absorbs moisture so your hand doesn't slip down the shaft. Custom wrap your walking stick with the colors you like and add custom knots, beads or designs.

Handlebar Cork Tape

    Wipe down the grip area of the hiking stick to prepare it for the cork tape. Cork tape is the tape used by road bicyclists and is designed to provide cushioning and moisture absorption. It comes in different colors and widths.

    Place the end of the cork tape at the top of the walking stick and begin to wrap it around the walking stick shaft on the grip area, heading down the stick about 8 inches. Overlap each successive wrap by 1/2 inch. The back of the cork tape has adhesive, so place your wraps carefully to avoid resetting it.

    Use the scissors to cut the cork tape when your last wrap is approximately 8 inches down the grip on the shaft. Coat the final wrap with clear epoxy with a lip of 1/2 inch going onto the walking stick. Let the glue dry.

Leather Strips or Para-cord

    Choose a main color for the wrap using colored leather straps or para-cord. Wipe down the grip on the walking stick.

    Wrap three tight coils around the top of the walking stick grip area. Tie a loop-knot into the main line after the coils.

    Wrap, so each successive wrap is directly next to the previous, down the length of the grip of the stick. Wrap down approximately 8 inches. Use scissors to cut the end of the cord or leather strap. If using para-cord, hold a lighter flame under the cut to melt the end and prevent frays.

    Slide beads or tie any fancy knot to the end for decoration as you wish. Wrap a very tight coil of black electrical tape around the final coil and 1/2 inch on the walking stick shaft.

    Items you will need

    • Clear epoxy

    • Para-cord or leather strips

    • Scissors

    • Handlebar cork tape

    • Lighter

    • Electrical tape

    • Beads (optional)


    • Many national parks and forests sell hiking stick emblems and metal badges. Add these to your walking stick to customize and show where you've went hiking.

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