How to Cut a Fiberglass Stick

How to Cut a Fiberglass Stick

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Fiberglass sticks and rods contain multiple thin strands of fiberglass bonded together with a bonding agent. Whether the fiberglass stick is solid or hollow, you will need to ensure that you do not splinter the area of the stick that you are cutting. Splintering the cut end of the fiberglass stick will weaken it, and cause it to crack. Use the proper tools and provide support for the fiberglass stick while cutting to ensure the cut fiberglass stick remains strong after the cut.

Items you will need

  • Tape measure

  • Masking tape

  • Pencil

  • Work table

  • Safety glasses

  • Hacksaw with a fine-toothed cutting blade

Pull the tape measure along the fiberglass stick. Place one thumb at the dimension you need to cut the fiberglass stick and remove the tape measure.

Wrap masking tape around the fiberglass stick. Cover an area at least 1 inch past either side of the spot you will be cutting.

Stretch the tape measure along the fiberglass stick and place a mark on top of the masking tape at the cut length with the pencil.

Lay the marked fiberglass stick flat on the worktable.

Put on your safety glasses.

Place one hand on the fiberglass stick, close to the pencil mark you placed on the masking tape in Step 3.

Align the back edge of the fine-toothed hacksaw blade with the pencil mark.

Slowly pull the hacksaw toward you and then away from you to cut into the fiberglass stick. Continuing cutting until you cut the fiberglass stick into two pieces.

Pull the masking tape from the fiberglass stick to complete the cutting process.

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