How to Wrap a Fishing Rod

Attaching the guides, or wire loops the fishing line runs through, to a blank fishing rod is a critical part of the building process. The guide has two main parts: The foot, which contacts the fishing pole, and the loop which sticks out from it. While the guide can and should be temporarily attached to the blank pole by heating the foot of the guide with a lighter for five or 10 seconds, running the foot across a block of solid glue (hot glue works) and then sticking it onto the pole, applying a thread wrap is critical to holding it in place through inclement weather and struggles with fish.

Start the wrapping process as close to the loop on the guide as possible. Hold the end of the thread in one hand, keeping light tension on it, as you wrap the thread around the guide and the rod five or six times. Wrap over those threads again: Now you should be able to release the end of the thread without the wrap coming loose.

Keep a light tension on the spool as you continue winding thread around the guide, working your way down to the blank pole. Make sure your thread wraps lie side by side and are uniformly tight.

Wrap the entire foot of the guide and make a few more wraps around just the pole.

Clip a foot-long piece of thread in a contrasting color. Fold this in half so that there's a loop at one end. Lay this loop over your thread wrapping. Make sure the loop sticks out past the end of your wraps by at least two inches.

Continue wrapping where you left off. Now you should be wrapping over the separate thread loop you laid down. Make just a few more wraps this way -- five or six times.

Hold the last wrap you made in place with your fingers, then clip the end of the thread four or five inches away from that last wrap. Run those extra three or four inches through the extra thread loop you laid down.

Pull on the opposite end of the separate loop. This will draw the cut end of the thread along with it underneath the wraps you laid down, effectively tying off the wrap and holding it tight without having to tie an unsightly knot.

Repeat this process to attach the other guides to your fishing rod.